My Childhood Player

My Childhood Player

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missmegan369 By missmegan369 Updated May 08

Say hello to Alexandra fox the bad girl of her school.                                       

Meet Colton Crawford the playboy of his school.                                                

   Let me introduce you to their past history, Alex and Colton used to be best friends since they were five and after eight years Alex learns she has to move and leave Colton. 4 years later she's back! But no longer the blonde nerd everyone used to know. When she sees Colton for the first time she's shocked he's no longer the sweet guy she used to know, he's a total jerk that goes through girls like water. When you put the two together nothing can possibly go as planned but maybe so much time apart Will just result in them wanting as much time together as possible.

This is funny but when you think about what happened it makes it even more funnier 😂😂😂
marian_x marian_x Jul 12
at the end they are not gonna be friends anymore and she find the bill
This is literally the fourth time I've read this, I love this book soooooo much ~ I think I might be addicted
THATS MY SAY !!!!!!! HIGH FIVE GURL!!!!!✋✋✋👏👏👏
DRoyalty DRoyalty Jun 23
This is a show!? Where have I been all my life, under the London bridge?!
I'm begging, please let them find the money with their initials on ~ it would be the cutest thing💜