the water boys - lashton

the water boys - lashton

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Luke's legs twitch as he watches Mr. Wilson's water bottle cascade to emptiness. That water could go to such better use. That water could go to Luke's fins.

It's been over twenty-four hours since Luke went fish. That's over an entire day. And Luke's getting desperate. He longs to see his scales reflect the rays of the sun that penetrates the waves of the sea. He misses the bright colors of the reefs at the ocean floor. He misses it, and he needs it.

Michael notices Luke twitching. His hand disappears beneath the table and reappears to pat Luke's leg comfortingly. Luke takes a deep breath. He isn't sure if he can make it through the day.

Luke looks up to see the clock ticking on its own time. Out of the corner of his eye, Luke sees Taylor take a gulp of water. Luke gulps too, but it's sadly only his spit. Abruptly, he rips a blank sheet of college ruled from his notebook and scrawls on it sloppily, passing the note to Michael: Call the office and pretend to be my dad. I need th...

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