you're fairy cute - lashton

you're fairy cute - lashton

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"I went in a house once," Michael brags. Ashton's heard this story one too many fucking times.

"You did? Really? Tell me all about it!" Ashton squeals, resting his little elbows on the flower's petal and sitting his chin atop the fists he's made.

Michael doesn't catch that sarcasm, so he jumps up, ready to enact the scene again. "There I was, flying faster than a hummingbird!" Ashton snorts, and Michael deflates. "Dude, I can't tell the story if you're gonna be like that."

"Well I can't listen to the story if you're gonna exaggerate ridiculously." Ashton rolls his eyes.

Michael crosses his arms, smirking. "You're just jealous."

"Jealous? Michael, I don't want to go in a house. You know we're not supposed to anyway." Ashton knows there was no point in making the last statement because, as all the fairies in his forest know, Michael's rather indifferent when it comes to set rules. He's probably the only fairy that's been in a house, and that scares most of the residents of...

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effluently effluently Feb 06, 2017
okay i can't not imagine their voices all high pitched and squeaky so i can't take him seriously