I'm in love with a thug?

I'm in love with a thug?

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makiechicken By makiechicken Completed

"Omg finally schools over" said deena . As deena began to walk home,  some one tap her." Who tf is u? " deena screamed. "Sorry ma  but I couldn't stop staring at that ass "said the thug . U perv get tf away from me I don't know u like that .

Jason pov

So what's good I'm Jason people call me ja so I'm 5"11 light skin hazel blue eyes anyway 
When I was walking around I saw that hot girl again and I felt like that was my moments to shine. "Who tf is u?" She said .damn her  voice is so hot that's future bae right there. ......... wtf did she just called me a perv oh hell nah. 

Deena pov

Omfg why would that perv talk about me like that am I a dolly . but he was kinda cute wait did I just... I mean wait wtf am I doing I am not fallen for that nigga am i?

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