• MingHao's Little Sister •

• MingHao's Little Sister •

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It's been three long years and Seventeen finally debuted! Xu MeiXing, The8's little sister, just turned 16 and was given the chance to go to Korea not only to see her brother, but to teach Seventeen Chinese before they promote in China.
Will Minghao approve of his baby sister being around 12 other noisy boys?

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{ completed : 19.03.2017 }
a/n - a confusing ending but go with the flow :)

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__MissEM__ __MissEM__ Sep 13
Me when I saw my classmate whose smaller than me last year now she's as tall as me -,-
This always happens with me and my siblings, eventually we have up and got couple sweaters
N0cHuKo0kIe N0cHuKo0kIe Oct 01
I didn't know that minghao is related to jungkook... Cos if she's minghaos and jungkooks sister then the two of them are related rite... 😂😂
Kookie how you been ? I saw you preform go go . You got swag now !?!?  I see you kookie (;
StarThach StarThach Aug 11
lol since me and my cousins watch Korean dramas we call our parents Eomma and Appa my mom understands it cause she watches Korean dramas too but my step dad gets confused all lot 😂
I'm sorry but I'm kinda freaked out since I was legit wearing that 10 minutes ago