Eternal Rose ((Finished))

Eternal Rose ((Finished))

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Wendy By Ephemerrealityy Completed

"Iris, wake up! Iris!" I groan, pulling my blankets over my face. I don't want to get up. I don't want to get into that stupid little uniform, and I definitely do not want to face Mr. Morrison's scrunched up face.

	Someone tears the covers out of my grasp. No, I don't want to get up! I blindly search for another blanket, only to find something cold, and hard. I open an eyelid, full of curiosity. I'm an idiot to show I'm even capable of that. A cold, slim hand shoots out and grabs hold of my wrist, angrily pulling at me. She's literally dragging me out of bed!

	"Damnit! Just get up before I tear your arm out of it's socket, you damn puss!" the voice has a heavy Spanish accent, that, if I'd heard any other time besides now, I'd probably listen to it. She has that kind of authority.

	I pulled back with all my might. 	

	Once again, I crown myself queen of all idiots. Why? Because I fell for Esther's little trick. As soon as she saw I was actually fighting back, she let go of my hand.


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