Eternal Rose ((Finished))

Eternal Rose ((Finished))

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Wendy By Ephemerrealityy Completed

"Iris, wake up! Iris!" I groan, pulling my blankets over my face. I don't want to get up. I don't want to get into that stupid little uniform, and I definitely do not want to face Mr. Morrison's scrunched up face.

	Someone tears the covers out of my grasp. No, I don't want to get up! I blindly search for another blanket, only to find something cold, and hard. I open an eyelid, full of curiosity. I'm an idiot to show I'm even capable of that. A cold, slim hand shoots out and grabs hold of my wrist, angrily pulling at me. She's literally dragging me out of bed!

	"Damnit! Just get up before I tear your arm out of it's socket, you damn puss!" the voice has a heavy Spanish accent, that, if I'd heard any other time besides now, I'd probably listen to it. She has that kind of authority.

	I pulled back with all my might. 	

	Once again, I crown myself queen of all idiots. Why? Because I fell for Esther's little trick. As soon as she saw I was actually fighting back, she let go of my hand.


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Ephemerrealityy Ephemerrealityy Jun 02, 2011
@TraceyDutton  Eternal Rose IS technically the first book in the series, chronologically and all, but at some point Eternal and Black Rose come together in the storyline so you can read either one first. ^^
TraceyDutton TraceyDutton Jun 02, 2011
Hi, i was just wondering which story is 1st?eternal rose or black rose...lovin the story tho!!!
Ephemerrealityy Ephemerrealityy Dec 30, 2010
@Kirbyx I think you'll find out soon... I'm not sure, cause this is the old version (I'm not done with the revised one yet)
Ephemerrealityy Ephemerrealityy Jun 26, 2010
@strawberrykiller37 i kinda did get the inspiration from that too. See, this was when i was an idiot without much originality. :P cant say im proud of it...
strawberrykiller37 strawberrykiller37 Jun 26, 2010
oh -squeals in delight- it sounds like vampire knight!!! 
                              is it is it is it? LOLOL
                              omg this is amazing. you're an amazing writer!! 
                              i can't believe you didn't tell me to read this sooner!
                              i can't find any faults! yay(:
Hahachic Hahachic May 16, 2010
hey what's up with chapter 3 i can't access it!  =O 
                              Doi have to become a fan? oh well, i 'll try