Memoirs of a Bipolar Winner

Memoirs of a Bipolar Winner

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Crystal M M Burton By CrystalMMBurton Updated Aug 05, 2016

I used to be a loser.

Seriously. I've lost a lot of battles against my emotions. The past few years, however, I've been fighting hard for my mental well-being, and I'm finally winning. It's been a rough ride, and it's not over yet! Come along on the journey through my past as I reminisce the events of my life that contributed to my disorder, and the steps I took to pick up the pieces after I broke.

Memoirs of a Bipolar Winner is based on my past and personal experience. My hope is that it will be able to help other people who suffer from this illness, and remind them that they are NOT ALONE.

Author's Note: Thank you to everyone who is reading this book and keeping up with the new chapters. I appreciate every one of you! Thank you for helping to encourage this work-in-progress author and her work-in-progress book. ;)

This book is not being written in chapter-order. Trips down memory lane are seldom straightforward, especially mine. I'll try to arrange chapters as I can, but just be prepared to see something that might seem out of order.

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