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Change: A Graybat Fanfiction

Change: A Graybat Fanfiction

8.5K Reads 246 Votes 5 Part Story
♡·.·ρเאเε·.·♡ By PixieBootsLover Completed

Dick and Babs were always best friends, even before the capes and cowls but since joining the team Dick is very.....different. Can Barbara find the Boy Wonder she has grown to care so deeply about or is the dynamite duo no more that a memory? I don't own DC comics or any of the people in the story or a red velvet milkshake. If you liked thid story I wrote a squeal called "Change, The Team" Enjoy my story!

This awesome cover was made by none other than the amazing @samiralula01 She is awesome and one of my Wattpad best friends. You should 100% check out her books.

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