Book Of Circus: His Shadow (1/3) {EDITING}

Book Of Circus: His Shadow (1/3) {EDITING}

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Grace(◕‿◕✿) By HisRedRose123 Completed

Second in 'Ciel Phantomhive' (2016)
Best Pairing In Admin's Pick (2016)

Shadow was thirteen years old. She had been working in the Noah's Ark circus for over three years now as a solo aerialist act. Everyday went by the same - blankly. Shadow was sullen and icy cold to anyone and everyone, regardless of how kind they were to her. She hated her life at the circus. Spinning and tumbling before a crowd in a skimpy costume wasn't exactly how she wanted to live her life. Albeit, she managed, but she didn't care. Everything was the same to her. Tasteless and indifferent. 

She craved something new; something to get her out of this hellhole and into a new life. Alas, she knew this was only wishful thinking. They'd never let her leave. This was her one true calling: to be a mindless puppet, tied down by strings of her own creation, dancing to the tune of an old folk song. She never expected her tedious life to change. That was, until, a young boy and a tall, dark man joined the circus. Both amazingly talented. Both equally suspicious. Despite how much she wanted to, she swallowed her words for a change.

For when she saw the boy's mark on his back, she knew for sure that they were one and the same.

[ Ciel/OC - Rated T for language, violence, and threat ]

!! DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but my OCs and the plot. Kuroshitsuji does not belong to me !!

Story Cover - JoelleAu 
^^ Many thanks to Jo for making the new cover for me. It's absolutely beautiful <3

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I just realized,the Peter and Wendy made me think of Peter Pan😂😂
I dony know I mean im 13 with a ton of un holy thoughts all the time
SvtBtsGot7Exo_ SvtBtsGot7Exo_ Aug 09, 2017
I dunno wether to take offence but I don't know what a petticoat is so 😂
Why don't they use adult bones? Like, they'd be stronger and you'd get more material because they're bigger than children's bones
aoifeymollo aoifeymollo Jul 28, 2017
I agree, excellent start! Just for the record, all the people below, I'm nineteen and 5'1. :')
TeacupOfWisdom TeacupOfWisdom Aug 18, 2017
As of yet...and then our two protagonists bratface and hellspawn waltz in!
                              *Cue theme song*