Book Of Circus: His Shadow  {Ciel/OC Fanfiction}

Book Of Circus: His Shadow {Ciel/OC Fanfiction}

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Shadow was thirteen years old. She had been working in the Noah's Ark circus for over three years now as a solo aerialist act. Everyday went by the same - blankly. Shadow was sullen and icy cold to anyone and everyone, regardless of how kind they were to her. She hated her life at the circus. Spinning and tumbling before a crowd in a rather exposing costume wasn't  exactly how she planned her life to work out. But alas she managed. Gained a few friends - to her surprise. But yet she didn't care. They were all the same to her. Tasteless and indifferent. 

She craved something new. Something to get her out of this hellhole and into a new life.

After a while, she simply accepted she was stuck here until they let her go - which was most likely never. She knew too much to be let go of so easily. He would refuse her every time she asked. So she spent her time performing to the best of her ability before retiring for the day. 

This was her life now. A slave to an unseeable force. Chained like an animal with unbreakable chains. 

That was, until, a young boy and a tall, dark man joined the circus. Completely out of the blue but both amazingly talented. They were strange - she'd admit it - and also a tad bit suspicious. But she swallowed her words, for once!

Because, when she saw the boy's mark on his back, she knew for sure that they were one and the same...

*     *     *     *     *

Ciel/OC ~ Rated T for language, violence and suggestive scenes


really-wants-koolaid really-wants-koolaid Jul 20, 2016
She's 13! I'm 16! I'm 4'8! She's 5'3! Why do I have to be so short?! The gods hate me!
ThatGayGirl076 ThatGayGirl076 Oct 13, 2016
That line reminded me of something the 11th doctor would say
mikeyfetish mikeyfetish Jul 31, 2016
What would happen if the cloak moved away from his... Um... Anaconda
                              Just picture it
                              Girl: Mama what is that?
                              Mom: *gasps* a um.... Stick
                              Girl: Woah... He has a big stick then
                              Mom:... *thinks: my daughter is going to be a ŵhørê when she is older..*
Candy_is_Sweet_2134 Candy_is_Sweet_2134 Jul 31, 2016
Beauty and the beast is what I thought when it said her name's beast
Minna_Mox Minna_Mox Sep 01, 2015
Wow 44 pages?! I Love the story! I've never read a chapter that had that much effort in it! I appreciate all the hard work you put into this chapter. That just proves your a great author! I was sucked into the story at the first word! XD I can't wait until you update again! I love the book so far!