I hate you (levi x reader)

I hate you (levi x reader)

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(Y/n) wasn't an ordinary girl, that's for sure. She was raised on the streets. Murder is an everyday subject for her, and stealing, well stealing is like a game to her. One day, she gets recruited by Erwin himself, and levi has to teach (y/n) on combat, and 3DMG. What happens when levi falls for (y/n) but doesn't want to admit it? 

I do NOT own AOT or the characters, and I sure as hell don't own you. I only own this storyline and account.

Strong swearing, so if you don't like it, you shouldn't read it.

                              No, seriously. I shout all of the time, even in class. XD
@TMPnJhapny MmmMmm hunty. Shizz about to go down! Armin is the best thing to ever happen to me.
What is this feeling? So sudden and new? 
                              I must live up to my name when I think I hear a song reference.
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I bet it's one of those deep ones that give your back that asmr feeling
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dam I thought it was morning
                              wait sleep in the morning
                              only for the us badasses
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I thought it said 'I'm going to go eat tea' for a second.
                              And you should add the nickname captain short ass.