Jason The Toy Maker's New Doll (Jason X Reader)

Jason The Toy Maker's New Doll (Jason X Reader)

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Krystal Ponder By 52vampirelove Updated Sep 01, 2016

(Female)Reader X Jason The Toy maker

F/N moves with her father into a new town where she is finishing her last year of high school. While fixing and cleaning up the new house after school one day she discovers a little Bunny. This Bunny will lead her into a world she never thought possible. Plus she must choose which world to belong to. Her choice is that of logic.  What will happen in the world she is soon to be apart of? Who will she meet? What will happen on her journey?

(Author's note)
I only saw a few Jason X Reader stories so I thought I would make one. Please comment your thoughts, It keeps me motivated to write more! Also please warn me of any spelling mistakes. I know I'm the not the best at catching my mistakes while writing and it would be a big help!

 I do not own any of the creepypastas used in the making of this fanfiction. It is purely for entertainment and all rights go to the original owners.

Echo_Kira Echo_Kira Jul 03, 2016
'--' I'm moving to the other side of the world???
                              HELL YEAH!
xFijiTianaa xFijiTianaa Apr 15, 2016
All these stories I read are always about the characters 'mental abuse'.. Luckily I change it up 🤔
GrowWingsAndFly GrowWingsAndFly Jan 29, 2016
Hmm...some pretty weird and random dreams...like I did every single drug known before sleeping kinda dreams xD (I don't do drugs though so...)
skully_nightmare skully_nightmare Jul 29, 2016
In every dream I die or my best friend the only one that's helped me through hell dies and  I always end up alone with my fears
The_Koala_Wolf_Cat The_Koala_Wolf_Cat Jun 27, 2016
i like the sound of her dreams mor then mine.... mine r always either a;
                              1. nightmare
                              2. black void of nothingness (that pisses me off)
                              soooo, uhh... i relly hate my 'dreams'. i rarely EVER hav sweet deams....
In my dreams it's always someone I care about that dies and then I die.