I Married My Best Friend (boyxboy)

I Married My Best Friend (boyxboy)

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Read I married the asshole first 

Ashton Robertson is a recently college graduate with a business title. He's you're boy next door with bright blue eyes, dark brown hair and tattoos covered his arms  to his chest. He has four piercings and had that bad boy look going on for him. He was the most popular kid in all his school years.He's known as the school's player, yet he's the exact opposite of that. Hard around the edges but a total softy on the inside. He loves spending as much as he can with his younger siblings, parents and his long term boyfriend,JJ.

JJ Belyakov, son of Cade and Tony Belyakov, is a your all around 19 year. He just graduated from High School and is on his way to Colorado State to pursue a career in teaching. All young years he's been bullied and tormented by his peers. He was called horrible names all to the end of high school. JJ is shy, soft spoken, caring and loyal and loves his family and more so his boyfriend of 4 years, Ash.

So what happens when a new guy comes into the picture and makes JJ question his feelings for Ashton? What will happen to his relationship between him and Ashton when lies are told, secrets are kept hidden and tears are shed? Will these young couple be able to safe their relationship before it's to late? Find out in I married my best friend.

  • betrayal
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  • lies
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  • pain
Luckyluve2100 Luckyluve2100 Jun 05, 2017
Nope won't forgive.. Get a paternaty test.... take the kid if mine.. The end
sterekheart sterekheart Oct 20, 2017
I get that there is no excuse but we’re human we make mistakes especially in a time of need and if your not getting something then someone else gives it to you your going to go to that person to seek comfort without thinking of the consequences
Finderlover Finderlover Jul 30, 2017
Okay, Ashton may have been an assh*le by doing that, but still it CAN'T excuse the fact that he cheated on him, it's way too easy to say that
jeidamaire jeidamaire Jun 20, 2016
At first i was worried but the title reassured me that they would get back together
wolfpanda2436 wolfpanda2436 Jan 11, 2017
Man don't people get that when ur alone and someone u love is not paying attention to u, u start to feel vulnerable and weak
lyssa8nialler lyssa8nialler Jan 28, 2016
Wait..how come a boy get preggy? U could at least give reason..or did i miss any statement