My Vampire Mate (ManxBoy)

My Vampire Mate (ManxBoy)

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AlwaysLoveTrue By AlwaysLoveTrue Updated Sep 28, 2016

(Previously known as My Mates A Vampire?)

Levi has lived for thousands of years as a vampire, and has been searching fro his beloved, the person made just for him. After years of searching he has given up, and now focuses on what matters to him, his family and business.

Jayden is the omega of his pack, and considered the runt. When it was discovered that he did not have a wolf, he became the pack joke and punching bag. His parents turned their backs to him, and the pack abuse him both physically and mentally. The only thing that keeps him going is the thought of his mate, the one that has the other half of his heart and soul.

What happens when they find each other, and discover they are mates?

                              THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!
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The fall line in Georgia it a nice sight in macon we went there last year ...small world💁
Daaaaaaaaaang I've literally been staring at this for a good 30 sec
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Jahahahahahahahaahahahahaaahahahahahah. Jesus this hole pack needs to burn to the ground. ( Not the children of course)
Are you kiddin me? Dude, they're frickin warriors. They should be protecting not harming