Texting K.L

Texting K.L

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izzy :) By izzyxme Updated Aug 03, 2017

Unknown: hey it's almost Friday :)

Melanie: Okay........who is this?

Unknown: Oh..sorry wrong number

Unknown: but text meh i'm bored :/


Where a girl who is in love with Kian Lawley doesn't realize she is texting him.

Started September 5, 2015

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DanielleOrdaz DanielleOrdaz Jul 16, 2017
okay now i want a random stranger thats lowkey my favorite youtuber to text , smh i can only dream 😩🤧
Twenty0neIzzys Twenty0neIzzys Aug 28, 2016
Is your real name izzy orr something like mine (mines Isabella)
Jamless_Carat Jamless_Carat Jun 21, 2016
I'm reading this for like the 10th time now! I just love it so much!!!!
asdfghjklwhut asdfghjklwhut May 02, 2016
I have a fvcking book based on texting and my main character is named Melanie omg lmao
TheBaeJ TheBaeJ Sep 14, 2016
Next time I get a wrong number I'm going to have them keep on texting you and just sit on board
internetfrens internetfrens Feb 23, 2016
I would probably, like, throw my phone because of all my emotions then cry because I can't keep texting Kian because I broke my phone...