A Kingdom's Expectations & A Shocking Revelation {Sequel}

A Kingdom's Expectations & A Shocking Revelation {Sequel}

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Chemily By ChatterKid Updated May 14, 2017

This is a sequel of Society's Expectations & Too Many Complications. It is, in no way, advisable to read this before Society's Expectations. 

Rosalia Fallon is now a newly-crowned Princess of England and has taken on the task of the Kingdom, alongside of her husband: Sebastian - drat, I mean Tristan - Fallon. Rosalia has prepared herself for every eventuality... except one thing.

Rosalia Fallon is not just newly-crowned - she's newly pregnant. Shocked by this revelation after only months of marriage, Rosalia is unsure on how to proceed. Just the spice to add to her growing swing of unstable emotions, the expectations of being an English princess presses down on her, regulations and expectations once again making themselves very prominent in her life. 

But what she doesn't expect are the threats that are beginning to attack her at every turn. Even worse - they all seem to be threatening Sebastian: the one person who she told everything, but can't turn to now. As months go by and the threats worsen, she begins to fear for Sebastian's life - and her own.

Every prince has enemies. Every princess has a rival.

Every kingdom has secrets.

Read to find out in A Kingdom's Expectations & One Shocking Revelation.

TheresaLugo TheresaLugo Jun 12, 2016
That doesn't seem right. I thought they expected them to get PG right away!
KWitSuperReader KWitSuperReader Aug 20, 2014
But how could that be a problem if the baby comes after 9 months after the marriage? If it took her 2 months to get pregnant, the baby would arrive 11 months after the wedding. I'm confused.
JenniferRossOrtiz JenniferRossOrtiz May 12, 2014
lottie now and Charlotte later. it may be a nick name but you may want to clearify. thanks!
gigi1970 gigi1970 May 20, 2013
Thank you so much for wonderful story.  I love it!  I know you are busy with life.  I will wait impatiently as Roselia would for your next chapter.  It will be worth it the wait and torture though.  Take care.
MaryGarrison92 MaryGarrison92 May 07, 2013
I cannot believe he is pretty much trying to say that the baby is not Seb's aka Trist's. I would be furious! But gossip is gossip and people would probably talk of the same on those matters. Very great and can't wait for what lies ahead!! :)
lightandfire lightandfire Apr 15, 2013
i mean who makes such idiotic notations. guess what i was so extremely happy to see an update, that i literally started jumpind on my bed. :D