Kavi One Shots

Kavi One Shots

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a By ashlxy- Updated Jan 04

one shots of that ship with abi and kristy from the pentatonci

[involves mentions of scömìche]

[LOTS of one shots are SAD and are INSPIRED by songs]

started:: september 2015

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I only know avi's part since it's the easiest and slowest xD
Lmao if they actually read fanfiction they would be bombarded with Kavi
Awww. So sweet and cute. I love when Avi stands up to bad guys and plays hero. 😄
Lmao I'm not the only one who randomly flaps their hands around, especially during guard 😂🚩
Lol no problem you and Avi just cuddle ok good glad we got that sorted out
scomicheschild scomicheschild Aug 20, 2016
I didn't read the pov, and laughed so hard when I thought this was Kirstie😂😂😂😂