The Impossible Poisoning.

The Impossible Poisoning.

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Rachel Short By TiNyDiAmOnD101 Completed

Alianna Winter is on the run. London is no longer a safe place for her to be. She, Newham, Isabel and Fisher have fled to Hettie's house in the countryside, in a hope that it will buy them more time before Stephenson catches up to them. But when Allie suddenly falls dangerously ill, it seems that nature might beat her potential assassins to it. Or is there something more man-made at work? 

-The ninth book in the Alianna Winter series. 
Her earlier cases:
1. Death At Scarlet Leaf
2. The Merryweather Jewel Thefts
3. A House On The Hill
4. Murder Is At Hand
5. The Incident Concerning The Alsatian Dog
6. At The Plaza Majestic
7. Madame Juror
8. A Murder Shall Commence
Her later cases:
10.The Final Endgame

The Toby Smart Spin-offs:
What Makes A Detective
What Breaks A Detective

  • 1800s
  • aliannawinter
  • amateursleuth
  • drama
  • murder
  • mystery
  • poisoning
  • puzzle
  • sleuth
MaraSA MaraSA Mar 13, 2017
I wonder... Why send clues if u don't want the murder to be prevented? It's a game.
TheTeaPreacher TheTeaPreacher Jul 13, 2016
Tbh I'm surprised she's willing to trust train stations again!
TheTeaPreacher TheTeaPreacher Jul 13, 2016
Oddly, I never actually considered what Stephenson's end goal is. And now that I am, I honestly have no idea.
MisjifMayhem MisjifMayhem Feb 20, 2017
You dont sound right Fisher. Are you after the higher position? 🤔 chief inspector maybe?
MisjifMayhem MisjifMayhem Feb 20, 2017
Whats the point in killing the P.M? There are always others to take their place.
ruthsimms81 ruthsimms81 Jan 23, 2016
I hope this series never ends! I cannot get enough of all the mysteries that pop up in their lives!