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The Light Behind Your Eyes (Adopted by Gerard Way)

The Light Behind Your Eyes (Adopted by Gerard Way)

84.6K Reads 3.6K Votes 35 Part Story
Ryan Ross (lol u wish) By im-soo-fancy Completed

12 year old Violet was a loner.  She didn't need anyone, they didn't need her.  She thought that was how she was going to live her life.  But when Violet is adopted by Gerard and Lindsey Way everything changes...


//some chapters may be triggering//

^^COMPLETED 11/25/15^^

Unfortunately, I do not own any bands/band members/lyrics in this book.  All belong to their rightful owners.  However, I do own the plot and my characters Violet, Jinx, Dallas, and Sam.  DO NOT STEAL OR THE SOUL OF AN ANGRY KILLJOY WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND TORTURE YOU HAT FIC STYLE

IDontNeedFrens IDontNeedFrens Dec 20, 2016
This would be me but idgaf about what I'm wearing as long as it's jeans and a band shirt
                              @kittylight146 : eh! Info Chan ! Calm fangirl!
I have to learn guitar in school and it sucks because I've played viola and ukulele and guitars have tOO MANY STRINGS OH MY GOD
SexyLlamaJuliet SexyLlamaJuliet 5 days ago
Okay let me stop right there... One does not simply disturb the peaceful slumber of a person
uincorngamer uincorngamer Dec 19, 2016
I need to go to sleep. I have to go to the hell we call middle school tomorrow.
Cause you got them cuts and scars that can't you can't hide from me🎵