The Girl in the Background (Lauren/You)

The Girl in the Background (Lauren/You)

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Surprise, surprise U.K. Harmonizers!

We have been thinking and we thought it has been quite a while since we last visited the United Kingdom. And it was only to do interviews. So we thought we should change that.

That's right U.K. Harmonizers, we're coming for you! We're so excited and can't wait to hear all of your lovely accents again and see all of your lovely faces.

Now, if you expect us to only have interviews, you're WRONG! We'll be touring through your country and tickets will be available on the 1st of September. 

We'll be kicking it all of in London, where we'll be ending the tour as well. But don't you worry, we WILL be visiting other places as well! Tickets will be available soon, keep your eyes peeled. 

Till then!

Fifth Harmony


{Book 2/2; Lauren/You}

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forgottencanvas forgottencanvas Dec 15, 2016
*slowly puts away pads and tampons that were suggested in the comments in the 1st book*
Hkitty2015 Hkitty2015 Jun 20, 2016
Yes u did Lauren , 
                              Everybody makes mistakes ...everybody has those days...
camrenisforreal camrenisforreal Apr 26, 2016
True...but I'm willing to forgive you. All you gotta do is gimme a lil kiss (:
Hkitty2015 Hkitty2015 Jun 20, 2016
All I need from lolo is a kiss , hug , and Ima spank her from her actions 😏
fifth_oreo fifth_oreo Jan 04, 2017
It's just too little too late a little too wrong and I can't wait
CallOfTheWolves99 CallOfTheWolves99 Nov 23, 2016
Is it bad that I'm still mad at her? Like she didn't have the right to blatantly ignore me and yell at me