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Seventh Saint - Percabeth Fanfiction

Seventh Saint - Percabeth Fanfiction

24.4K Reads 1.9K Votes 26 Part Story
Sarah Karlsson By Sarahsnothere Completed

The year is 2156, and everything that could possibly go wrong for humanity, has gone wrong. 
  Queen Gaea took the world by force, and united it into one terrifying nation; Olympus. She spreads fear outside the walls of her precious capitol, a place where everyone lives in poverty. 
  It is inevitable for protests to be made, and with the quickly growing rebel force known as the Resistance, a young man rises to the occassion and is chosen to end Gaea's rule once and for all. 
  His mission fails, and Percy Jackson is sent to spend the rest of his life in prison, where he believes his story will end. Then he meets Annabeth. 
  Graceling/PJO crossover
  This book will involve a lot of cruelty, as it displays the very worst sides of humanity. You have been warned. 
  This is a Graceling inspired Percy Jackson fanfiction taking place in an AU where crime is harder punished than ever. Problem is, what the authorities think is crime is not. It's they who are the criminals, but it's also they who have the upper hand.

My aim can also be classified as deadly..... because if I aim at something it'll go the other way and kill someone.
lgbtpjo lgbtpjo 2 days ago
I seriously cannot wait to read more of this, but it is already fourish in the morning and I will be woken up at noon if my stepdad decides he doesn't want me sleeping past that. I can't wait to read more in the morning.
PersonaGirl PersonaGirl Nov 01, 2016
I can really, truly see Luke playing MineCraft or something, and being like "ULTIMATE CHOP! KA-POW!"
Greenninjagal Greenninjagal Dec 05, 2016
Is this the part where Luke turns out to be a spy? My precious child.
CatTheHuntress CatTheHuntress Aug 09, 2016
It's here. ITS HERE! HOW COULD HAVE I MISSED IT?!?!?????!! *tries not to explode* *explodes*
LexiMarie06 LexiMarie06 Aug 01, 2016
Omg this the best I haven't ever read anything like this before !!!!!