This is what your teachers don't teach you - How to study smart "the real way!"

This is what your teachers don't teach you - How to study smart "the real way!"

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Alex By hometutorsingapore Updated Sep 19, 2015

This is what your teachers don’t teach you - How to study smart “the real way!”

Now try this and be serious about it. 
Close your eyes and think of a “white bird carrying a baby in a white napkin”. 
Ok, you may continue reading now.

The keyword we are going to talk about is metacognition – teachers know this but students don’t. Metacognition refers to thinking about thinking. Let us explain this to you.
We need to understand the way our brain likes to think. We also need to understand that we can and have the potential to remember and recall a great number of things no matter how high or low our IQ is.
These are the few golden steps which you must follow when studying and trying to remember concepts:

1) Whatever concept you are trying to remember, write down the name of it on a piece of paper.
2) Explain the concept on the piece of paper as though you are teaching it to someone else.
3) When explaining the concept, you will realise the points that you don’t understand or need clarification on.
4) This is where you need to refer back to your textbooks or notes to clarify.
5) If you do come across a very complex and confusing explanation, break it down and simplify it or come up with an analogy to understand the concept.

Using analogy is very powerful, our brain loves images and that’s how it likes to remember things. That is why right now you can still remember the “white bird carrying a baby in a blue napkin” but not the first sentence you read.

You don’t need to be a genius to train your memory, you just need to imagine. The crazier, weirder and amusing your imagination, the better you will be at remembering. And yes! It is that easy. Try it!
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