The 'Guy's' Trip (Fairy Tail x Reader)

The 'Guy's' Trip (Fairy Tail x Reader)

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MIsS BLAcK BERrY By CrazyHann Updated Jul 02, 2017

Hi! This is my first Fairy Tail Romance story so hope you like it! 

You lose a bet to Erza and have to go with the boys on their guy trip. Its on a remote island, within ancient castle walls and with magic around the air. 9 boys, 1 girl, what could go wrong? 

(this story does not contain spoilers plus I'm very bad at descriptions ;P)

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  • elfman
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Sapphirewolf13 Sapphirewolf13 Apr 18, 2017
Then a pig flys across the deck of the boat 
                              Me: Well shiz😑😐😒😓😒😐😑
                              Loke: YYEESS😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😉😊😋😎
KittalTheKittyCat KittalTheKittyCat Dec 07, 2017
I'm pretty sure my magic can make pigs fly... Also do flying cats count? Cause we got a whole heck of them at the guild, and 2 in sabertooth
ariana112404 ariana112404 4 days ago
Decisions were made today.Decisions to call upon squirrels out of every possible animal.At this point I shoulda known I had effed up.
-_Annalise_Garcia_- -_Annalise_Garcia_- Nov 06, 2017
*then a big passes by with wigs and is flying*
                              Loke: So....about that date.. 😉
                              Me: WHYYYYY?! 😧
animelover20017 animelover20017 Aug 11, 2017
Out of any animal squirrels were chosen 😂😂😂😂😂
hiderplayz hiderplayz May 08, 2017
AWWWW.....CAN I EAT HIM....what? He may be cute but what happens if he  is delicious!...fine I won't eat him....;-;