Miserable At Best {Twincest}

Miserable At Best {Twincest}

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Meet Jacob and Caleb.

There both twins. Caleb has more friends than Jacob. The reason being Jacob doesn't like to talk to people, and for that he gets into a lot of fights. A lot of people don't like him, the same people bully Caleb for being his brother. Which causes them two to fight with each other. 

It's not because Jacobs shy, he's not. He just doesn't like the people at their school. He thinks their all egoistic turds..which most of them are.

Caleb's nice to everyone no matter who they are. He doesn't judge anyone. But with Jacob he fights with him all the time. They can't be in the same room with each other without having an argument.

One night

No parents

Just them two

What will happen? Will they fight as always? Or are they in for a surprise?

 Read and find out!

I would have went yea I could go for a Burger and fries and a milkshake with a side or you
TokyoPuppet TokyoPuppet Nov 16
I like painting, but I also love to read... I'm troubled, which should I do?
TokyoPuppet TokyoPuppet Nov 16
Geez, I'm glad my sister actually loves me too... Sometimes she doesn't act like it, but I know she will never abandon me for some 'friend'.
If you ever edit this book, please make sure you change "aloud" to 'allowed'. I'm sort of a grammar crazy person and this bugs me because the word is in the wrong context
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Now I feel bad for being born. I was born in a truck on a highway, I could of killed my parents in a car crash when I suddenly popped out like that.
*Beyonce comes in room* Middle fingers up I thinking bout you (I'm sorry) I ain't sorry