Dreams || USUK

Dreams || USUK

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Granny Pidge By RejectVocaloid Completed

Arthur: A boy who is bullied by Alfred. He lives alone and has a part time job.

Alfred: Is with a group of friends and tends to bully Arthur. 

What if those points brought them closer together?


It's so hard to imagine Alfred as a bully, like, he is the least bullyest type
Which position? Missionary?? Doggy Style??? 
                              (It's not even funny but I gave in)
Tf kind of bully used the word 'needn't'? Frick outta here man
Now. I swear to god. If Antonio is in Alfred’s group of đïçķ bags I'm going to be friggin' sad.
News flash: Honda civic is now a teacher
                              Oh wait that's just japan
Ethereal_Priestess Ethereal_Priestess Sep 12, 2016
Y did i laugh oh rite i was inside my car that happens to be honda...dammit