My English teacher is my mate

My English teacher is my mate

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lisalisa17 By lisalisa17 Updated Jul 24, 2014

He pushed me against the wall and crashed his lips onto mine. I immediately returned his kiss 
 and wrapped my arms around his neck.

He pulled away for air and his hot breath gust across my upper body causing my entire body to ignite in flames. He then started trailing kisses along my neck which made me weaker than ever...

My body had been experiencing  feelings I never knew excised, I didn't have the words to comprehended what was going on. It wasn't long before I finally realized my upper body had been almost completely naked, appalled by my actions I immediately pushed him away, grabbed my shirt and ran out leaving my belonging in his classroom.

"Keisha wait!" He yelled but I  didn't turn around, I ran until I was completely outside the building.

Attending high school has not been an easy journey for Keisha. She has been bullied and taken advantage of for the passed three years. Finally graduating, she is excited and focuses on changing her overall imagine to gain publicity. But will she be able to  achieve this goal with the arrival of her new English teacher who also happens to be her mate?

shannonq55 shannonq55 Oct 29, 2017
I have a teacher named Mr.lee but he's old and he teaches science
rainastorm2505 rainastorm2505 Jul 18, 2017
same bro. all you have to do is bitchslap them, works every time
bookishgirl90 bookishgirl90 Oct 15, 2017
My History teacher was 23 when he taught me and it was his second year teaching
nine_edie04 nine_edie04 Dec 06, 2016
Every time I speak about what someone else said about me and they give me detention and I ask the same thing she did and they always say no and I'm like really.