Lesson(Taehyung) *COMPLETED*

Lesson(Taehyung) *COMPLETED*

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Min young POV

Taehyung came to my house I was wearing my bra and panties only as he instructed me to. He is not my boyfriend he is just my sex teacher. I'm not knowledgeable about sex and I'm scred of asking my friends so my online friends introduced him to me. 

He was handsome and cute more importantly he is going to be my sex teacher. He is the teacher who's going to give me sex lessons.

He pulled me by my hands towards the bathroom. Taehyung then asked me too take out my bra and panties and shower in front of him. "Can u go out?" I said nervously. "No I need to see you if not how am I going to teach you about sex?" He said sternly. 

You did as he told and started taking out your bra and panties and took a shower you take you shower like you normally did and you totally forgot that you sex teacher taehyung was there. 

Taehyung POV
Wow she say she know nothing about sex her bathing appeals are quite strong I bend over to look at her bottom and her entrance opening n closing like ...

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ZiaThao8 ZiaThao8 Apr 30, 2017
Taehyung have to done this many girls already aye he needs jisoos and holy water
jae_wae jae_wae Jun 01, 2017
You don't lose your virginity in your butthole. Hahahahahaha 🤣😂😁🤣😂😁🤣😂😂😂
Kookieyugyeom Kookieyugyeom Feb 02, 2017
No! He is teaching and having sex  for free? at the same time!!!
taetothebae taetothebae Sep 22, 2016
hetalianbastard123 hetalianbastard123 Jul 25, 2016
I'm sorry I shouldn't of laughed at butthole virginity I just can't omfgHAHAHAGSGS  🙊🙉🙈😂😂😁