oh daddy; sammy wilk

oh daddy; sammy wilk

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"as long as you call me daddy baby" 

"what the fuck?"

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reading all these comments about the movie i feel stupid for thinking it was actually a good one lol at me
And u can wear my sweatshirt😂😂 came through Jacob saggytits
SpaceXBurps SpaceXBurps Apr 01
I actually haven't been to my grandparents since I've watched it, their house is kinda the same where you can crawl under it lmao
OGOCwaslit OGOCwaslit Aug 06
I watched that all by myself downstairs at night. Downstairs. Night. I'm so freaking stupid n
Chezare_24 Chezare_24 Mar 02
I like how everyone's commenting bout the nigga thing but I'm mixed and don't care
I didn't really like the Visit but the boy was hilarious😂😂