Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

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Look who decided to make a Hetalia BF Scenarios! This will include probably crappy and awesome scenarios, I take requests on what scenario you guys want me to write!!!! 

Includes the Axis + Romano +Prussia, Allies (no China, sorry)+ Canada. I hope you guys love it!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia, it belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz.

lailionfleek lailionfleek May 31, 2016
This i litreally me and the boys playing soccer ((cause I love soccer and I always play as a golkeeper))
NyoSwitzerland- NyoSwitzerland- Aug 06, 2016
That's expectation
                              My reality: CHING CHONG PING PONG DING LA LONG
My_Life_Is_Half_Joke My_Life_Is_Half_Joke Aug 10, 2016
What did we just say I'm so confused I do not speak the Japanese
LOLSwagQueen25 LOLSwagQueen25 Dec 17, 2016
In thinking about moving to russia cus i think its getting to worm in Norway.
FAB_otaku_GIRL FAB_otaku_GIRL Jun 01, 2016
Yeah, @scareme2000 .... You still won't find me a boyfriend in Middle school!!! :3 :P
Fa1ryta1l Fa1ryta1l Apr 30, 2016
:( nu! i was not meaning i was offended by it, i was trying to make joke...