The Silver Dragon (Wattys2016)

The Silver Dragon (Wattys2016)

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The Fire Dragon By Pennator Completed

Book 1 of 'The Silver Trilogy'

Dragons have lived a peace with humans they hadn't had in a long time. A peace that they hoped would last forever. A peace that they hoped to keep. But as all stories go, this was not to be so.

Silver is a young dragoness, a metal dragon, one of the only two known to be alive. But when the dragons are attacked she is forced to flee into a human world she knows nothing about. Without her father to protect her or her mother to guide her she is lost, but she must find her feet soon or the dragon population may once again be trapped with the humans that were thought to be defeated.

(Cover made by @Bookcoverchick)

This is an interesting start! I feel so sad for the Green Dragon, I love dragons so much, so I kind of hope the scarred man will have some bad things happen to him later on. This goes right in my library, to continue reading whenever I can~
Best prologue like ever! You did a great job @Pennator! It reels me in and makes me curious about who the dragon is and what is exactly happening!
Amazing prologue. You are really good at making people curious, especially with your description. I am really fascinated. 
                              Just a suggestion, be careful when you use repetitive word. Too much "it" will make it boring.
Nice prologue! By the way, no offense, the guy who drilled someTHING into a creature's head could rot in the deepest parts of hell for all I care
viper2022 viper2022 Sep 03
How dare he lay a finger on that dragon. He is the lowest human in the world at the moment in my mind
Poor dragon! you might want to try fixing spelling errors though.