The Silver Dragon (Unpublished, unedited version)

The Silver Dragon (Unpublished, unedited version)

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Book 1 of 'The Silver Trilogy'

(This is the unedited, unpublished version! It will have spelling mistakes and errors. But if you do like the story it has been published as a professionally edited and revised book! Look it up on Amazon or Booktopia. The hardcopy will be available from January 30 2018.)

A Forgotten History

A Broken Peace

A War as Old as Time Himself

In a peaceful valley hidden deep within America hides a group of dragons. But they can't remain hidden for much longer, and quickly figure out the cost of ignoring the war.

Silver is a young dragoness and a metal dragon. One of the only two metal dragons known to be alive. She is beyond eager for adventure beyond the mountain walls of her valley, and little does she know that an adventure is coming right for her. When the valley is attacked by the Association of Dragon Hunters, she finds herself in a human world she knows nothing about. With no one to help her, and hunters behind every corner, she must find a way to fight back or risk the entire dragon race being thrown into captivity. 

(Cover made by @Bookcoverchick)

  • dragon
  • dragoness
  • family
  • fantasy
  • freedom
  • metal
  • modern
  • power
  • romance
  • sci-fi
  • struggle
*internal scream* YESSSSSSSSSSSSS I’m getting myself a copy. And re-reading the whole trilogy.
MichaelaBurdova MichaelaBurdova Jul 26, 2017
                              I was immediately interested in it. Beginning really nice! I also write fantasy, but about werewolves :)
Yay I’m so excited! Will u be publishing the whole trilogy or just the Silver Dragon?
Yay! Congratulations on getting this published haha! I’ve been waiting for it to happen :)
Pizzachu332 Pizzachu332 Sep 21, 2017
you spelled seen and bite wrong but it was good all together
nkempire17 nkempire17 Aug 29, 2017
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