•stolen• [httyd fanfic]

•stolen• [httyd fanfic]

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[FINISHED BOOK somewhat]

Hiccup Haddock was a child born on the village of Berk, then to be taken by a NightFury in a dragon raid without a trace. But while Stoick and Valka are trying to live while mourning for their lost son, Hiccup is living freely on a Santuarial island created by an Alpha dragon with his best friend, a dragon, the one who stole him, Toothless. 

Toothless has always told Hiccup that vikings are cruel, horrible people that kill dragons for the fun of it, and that he should stay as far away from them. But when Hiccup gets caught on a hostile, viking-dwelling island, he doesn't know what to do. The Chief's wife thinks it's unfair to torture a child like this, but when Stoick lays eyes on this boy, he has other plans. Will he and his dragon escape in time? Or will his parents soon find their lost son to be returned from the dead?

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Chess_Cat Chess_Cat Jul 02
Snoutlout becomes the chief
                              Spongebob narrator: A minute later
                              Berk: Goodbye, world! I always loved you! *le dies*
                              World: *Darth Vader NOOOOO*
Did she hiccup after she said hiccup or did she hiccup while saying hiccup ? 
                              Try saying that 10 times fast😂
BorealisHL3 BorealisHL3 Mar 10
A HTTYD story but all the POV names are in 
                              A E S T H E T I C S
darkhero789 darkhero789 Jul 09
Ok. I have just one problem. Toothless and hiccup are the same age. I know some animals grow faster than humans. But I don't think toothless at a year is big enough to be how we imagine that night. But hey it's your story. Don't want it to seem like a rant. So sorry.
casuallygay casuallygay Feb 11
Can I do that with my home. Maybe I'll even look for my dad.
Blinkingapple56 Blinkingapple56 Oct 16, 2016
Just some constructive criticism, Stoick's name is spelled the same a s the word.