narutos mysterious power

narutos mysterious power

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The Land of Waves; Tazuna's House

In the dark of night, a loud sound was heard, possibly louder than the screams of the entire Haruno family. It was the snoring of one Uzumaki Naruto. The whiskered blond was fast asleep, recovering from an earlier scuffle with a most mysterious Missing Nin, while downstairs things were far from perfect.

"SHUT THE DOBE UP, A UCHIHA CAN'T NOR WILL SLEEP IN THESE CONDITIONS!" One arrogant prick by the name of Uchiha Sasuke, a duck haired black haired kid with severe issues, complained to their sensei, a silver haired masked ninja of the Jonin rank, by the name of Hatake Kakashi. The masked man sighed; listening to the boy rant through his locked door, luckily for the noise level the pink haired one was asleep as well. (A/N, I know that the guy should be too tired to move around at this point, but this is my story, so he just recovered quicker than in the Anime or Manga)

He hadn't really wanted to teach anyway. Kakashi saw himself as more of a lone oper...

For some reason I imagine naruto spinning in the air kicking of his shoe hitting saskue in the face, while naruto looks awesome,  I don't know why but I just imagine it hahaha
O.O what did Tsume do?Call all the dogs to piss everywhere, or do it herself?
Thank you KakaBaka,
                              Sakura, You will never be the Man your mother is.
If i wanted to kill myself, I would jump from Sasuke's Ego to his IQ
emmuli1999 emmuli1999 May 26
I'm not sure of the first part but the latter means something like 'copy blood restriction'... If I remember correctly bloodline restriction is another way to call kekkai genkai... No idea why that guy used it on Naruto though...
pinkyvonne pinkyvonne Jul 27
I want to ask all Harry Potter fans: Do you hate Umbridge or Voldy more?