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K a y l a By omfqkaylaa Updated Apr 19

❝She wore her scars as her best attire, 
           a stunning dress of hellfire.❞

          In a world where children are orphaned by dark wizards and destinies are bestowed upon the most unlikely of people, Lily Potter II must choose between what is good and what is right, between the light, the dark and the in-between. With Dark magic of her own, a twin brother who looks for trouble, and a hapless love for a dead-man walking, Lily's life is anything but tranquil. But with smoke in her eyes and death at her back as she stands on the brink of war, the Dark Lord will soon experience fear he knows not. 

          Love will win and lose.
          Lives will be lost.
          And darkness will be discovered within.
          This is story of the life and death of Lily Potter. 

                                    ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽

        ❝Your parents, Sirius,....they all died in the name of love, Lily." said Fred Weasley.❞

       ❝It seems to me, that love could be labeled poison and we'd drink it anyways.❞

 ▷ @omfqkaylaa.

Tweagle05 Tweagle05 Apr 12
I think here's to never growing up is always a good song for the end of school.
I dont even want to think of theories about year 7 cause my heart wouldn't be able to handle it.
PERCY JACKSON YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK TO CAMP!!!! can't wait to see Annie jodo flip you.
You have no clue how much I needed to hear that. Whether it was from a stranger or not. Thank you so much for this.
*snape comes through* THAT'S MY LINE! *smacks you with a book*
I have to admit, the Percy Jackson movies stunk, but it wasn't Logan's fault. He's a perfect depiction of Percy in HOO. But they should've wrote the script to be actually like the book, and gotten younger actors. Then we would've been fine.