His Hostage (h.s. au)

His Hostage (h.s. au)

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Emmeline Reed has had a crush on Harry through out all four years of high school. She's never told him because: 1. She's shy. 2. He's a total man-whore & the schools bad boy (or so she's told). 3. He doesn't know she exists. Needless to say she prefers admiring him from afar, not to mention they were about to graduate and she was never going to see him again. 

Or so, that's what she thought. 

She ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time and suddenly Emmeline's safe life is pulled into a dangerous plan. One that involves Harry, Zayn, and his psycho posse. There's death, and threats made against her but just when she thinks things can't get any worse, Harry takes her. The days are blurring and the only thing keeping her sane is the same person who decided to take her against her will in the first place. He's protecting her, and she knows she should hate him but he's the only one she feels safe with. He's still an asshole but she's seeing the real him, not the person people always said he was in high school. There's feelings, and she knows she shouldn't like the way he looks at her, touches her, but she does. How does any of that make sense? It doesn't. And she's starting to think she's going mental, but her heart is telling her another thing. Emmeline is heading down a path that could lead her to a threatening place, and if she lets her wall down in front of Zayn, if she lets him see just how important Harry is becoming to her, it's not just her heart that could be put at risk. 
It's her life. 
It's his life.

inzarry inzarry Aug 05
she's like the the duff of their group except she not ugly nor fat, just not as popular
dripdaddi dripdaddi Jul 17
That's a lie you usually find your friends your true friends towards the middle or ending of the school year
At my school there's no such thing as popular. We do have little idk.. groups. But we all hang out with each other
My school's so big, nobody cares about this stuff🤷🏽‍♀️ Or maybe I'm just so on the outside I don't know🤔
if that wasn't me this past June, I'm so glad to be moving on to college
SabaShams SabaShams Aug 24
Zayn deserve ever single bit of love and adoration and if you disagree your opinion doesn't matter