Aimi Greene is lost. Her fiance and daughter are dead, shot by her ex-boyfriend. She is alone until she stumbles across Moon House from which she finds Mai, a cheerful maid that always has something to say. She is treated like royalty however something is just not quite right. What can she do when things turn from bad to worse?

Kara12 Kara12 Aug 08, 2013
wow... I really don't know what to say! It was great but wow. yep ive got nothing other than I like it.
VintageBirdie VintageBirdie Jun 06, 2013
@kselby88 Thank you so much for reading Run and for giving such a useful comment! I appreciate how much you have thought about it! Thank you again! If you liked this story, maybe you would like one of my other stories called: Late Summer Rain? Thanks! :D xx
Lionblaze123148 Lionblaze123148 Apr 13, 2013
Woop! Woop! OMG! I'm just so happy with the story as the ending went perfectly! I just can't help but giggle and smile like a little girl because I know that I helped u with it! I bet ur gonna get 100% on that story for English! Well Done Sis! Xx