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Dan Howell Imagines (danisnotonfire)

Dan Howell Imagines (danisnotonfire)

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chey By mukewasowski Updated Jan 29

Imagines about Dan Howell. We have fluff, angst, and smut in this book. Enjoy!

Requests are closed right now, but hopefully I'll get to writing the current requests. 

Currently working on: The 1989 series

bookgirl189 bookgirl189 Feb 08
Plot twist: Dan was actually seeing Phil and not some beach-ball volley boombox stereotype girl
SuperWhoPastaPony SuperWhoPastaPony Dec 05, 2016
Some people think of MCR at first, but I think of Social Repose's newest music video, then to MCR
wakeupdannyboi wakeupdannyboi 5 days ago
who is that imposter I have like the darkest shade of brown hair
bittersweetphan1 bittersweetphan1 Nov 23, 2016
Omg i cried this was so emotional i loved it so much💕😍😢
"jayne", has 5 letters. 5-2=3 what has 3 letters? D a n. That means that Dan is Phil's fiance
PunkPrincessLexi PunkPrincessLexi Dec 17, 2016
I have vague memory of reading this somewhere else, but I don't know where