Even 'Dame' Tsuna have....SECRETS. (KHR) [UNDER CONTRUCTION]

Even 'Dame' Tsuna have....SECRETS. (KHR) [UNDER CONTRUCTION]

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Hazumi Manae By Aloof-Fey Completed


Story is cringy. Beware.)

Warning: YAOI, a lot. I mean like A LOT of author note, there maybe will have incest. If any of this don't match your interest or don't want to read about please leave.

Smart, athletic, handsome, 'kindhearted'.

Is the word that describes Hiroshi and Tsuhiro.

Tsuhiro is the smallest of the triplets. He's a kindhearted boy, yet.

Its did not change the fact that he's a coward.

The oldest in the triplets is Tsunayoshi, who got a nickname 'Dame Tsuna'. His personality?

 It's a Secret.

Everybody have to got a secret. Even the say dame. But is he really Dame?

Exactly how many secrets does he hold behind that 'Dame' mask of his? And what will Tsuna or Shi do when a certain fedora baby break his mask?

But it is really broken? Or is it just the baby imagination?

But there alway a question lingering in people's mind...

"Is he really the Dame-Tsuna we once know?" Or "Did we even know him at all?"

So many question about a single person yet, the only one who know the true answer is again, the say person.


Sawada Tsunayoshi.

A 'normal' person, who would lead a chaos life...

A sky...

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FoxyFoxyNarutoFan3 FoxyFoxyNarutoFan3 Jul 30, 2017
A triplets 
                              Not right cancel out the A then it would be right
BrooklynLahey BrooklynLahey Apr 22, 2017
I like that it's "we got a triplets"  sounds like a new pokemon
Eziali5398 Eziali5398 May 25, 2016
How did they not know how many children they were having? 
                              That's weird right?!?! 
                              I think that's weird. 
                              The doctor needs to be fired honestly I understand if it was twins and you couldn't see one baby but triplets someone's not doing there job. 
                              Mini rant over.
Little_Nuvola Little_Nuvola Jul 16, 2016
Why when every time I read KHR twin fic it always start like that...🚼
MajdaAlJaborui MajdaAlJaborui Feb 04, 2016
Yeah, I agree on that one and the chapter is very short. To short for my taste.
ju7393 ju7393 Jan 22, 2016
Nana, why did she give up.  She should have quilted him to stay.  How is she going to take care of three babies on her own.