the same                   {WWBM}{COMPLETED}

the same {WWBM}{COMPLETED}

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"You know, we are all the same" 

"No. No we are not"

davidsoncarlita davidsoncarlita Apr 23, 2016
My Bestfriend is white and people come for her because her race and everyone who I say you mess with her you mess with me 😒
VictoriaKinney VictoriaKinney Jun 19, 2016
IM a white girl and I get treated bad by the whites cuz all I date are black guys and I know u probably write this about who knows how long ago but I thought hell u are right this is the 16 century and people still act like it is the 19hundreds
tjmoneygirl tjmoneygirl Feb 21
And also I have never wrote a story on here can you help me get started on one like this story I also get bad writers block
iKawaiiPikachu iKawaiiPikachu Apr 13, 2016
 #diversity :) I like reading diverse books more than stereotypical blondes and brunettes in every story :p
Livelife4231 Livelife4231 Jul 08, 2016
You need to make more wwbm stories, I've been rereading this since April
christinahamby00 christinahamby00 Mar 10, 2016
So i also just added this story to my library and just the authors note made me love it because i can relate to it so much because im a white girl and i also go to a all black school i also have a black boyfriend so i can really relate  😍👍👌💯