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My Lost Love (boyxboy)

My Lost Love (boyxboy)

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Kaylee By MissKaylee96 Completed

Back in Freshman year, Justin Kohn was just like every other beginning freshman. The only difference is that he had a secret. Justin is gay and only one person knew the truth. That person is Samisen Cody, although he much more preferred Sam. Justin and Sam have been best friends since kindergarten. They tell each other everything, which is why Sam is the only person who knows Justin's biggest secret.

On the night of the Homecoming Dance everything changes.

The night is full of laughter, love, and life. However, the next morning everyone - including Justin - is shocked by the town's news. Sam Cody and his family are gone. They left no trace of a forwarding address. They never told anyone they were leaving. And most shocking Justin had no clue why Sam would leave so unexpectedly.

It's now been three years since Justin has heard or seen his former best friend. He took the hurt he felt and let it change him. Justin is now completely different, almost unrecognizable to everyone. Also no one knows of his hidden secret. Only now there's a surprise coming back to their small town. Sam and his family have returned.

Now its up to Justin to make sure his secret stays a secret. But if there's one person who could make the secret come to public its the person who just reappeared. Justin's life is about to become a lot more chaotic.

👀 can I get a prayer for the desperate girl in the passenger seat?🙏🏽
Naxrena Naxrena Jul 20, 2016
Why does this sound so boring to me? Imagine having your life be this stable, wow
diisconnected diisconnected Aug 07, 2016
That's crazy, that would not  be me if I were a boy bean baby please I would loud and proud 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
Damn this is so sad, imagine all the people who've actually had to have done this
SierraSpade SierraSpade Sep 25, 2016
Didn't even begin to read it and feel like I'm already gonna cry!
trotilla trotilla Oct 01, 2016
Is Justin a lil bit autistic? Algebra 2 is a sophomore class...