Here Comes Forever. [Ross Lynch x Reader]

Here Comes Forever. [Ross Lynch x Reader]

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You sighed, feeling the rain hit the top of your head. You pulled the hood of your hoodie up and continued listening to Love Me Like That by R5 through your earphones. You hummed along as you kept walking. You walked up the steps and unlocked the door to the house. 

You closed the door after entering and noticed the lights were turned off. "Don't tell me this is a freaking killer scene." You muttered, grabbing an umbrella. You took out one earbud. Sneaking into the kitchen, you braced yourself. 

The lights turned on. Your Mom and sister jumped out, in front of you. "Surprise!" They yelled. 

You dropped the umbrella, startled. "Wh-- What?"

"Don't tell me you forgot your birthday." Your older sister giggled.

"Pfft, no. ." You pretended that you didn't. 

"You did. Anyway, happy birthday. Here." Your older sister smiled and held out her hand, revealing two front row R5 tickets. "I'll be going with you."

Your eyes went wide. "R-Really?"

Your Mom laughed. "We bought these for you. We...

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ladylivill ladylivill May 20, 2017
Why?! Did I do something outstanding and now I get to go on tour with you I mean there's mother wrong with it but....
cubanoshawn cubanoshawn Aug 09, 2017
eu me perdi um pouco, ela foi no show, chamaram ela pra sair com eles e eles chamaram ela pra ir em tour
                              eu to ????
Colombia123 Colombia123 Nov 23, 2017
I wish. My mom won't even let me go to a college 67 miles away.
Amethyst319 Amethyst319 Apr 08
All the time. I mean there was the time you broke your leg..
Thats the one day of the year I actually look forward to how could I forget
bloodyrainonroses bloodyrainonroses Jul 02, 2017
I at first just read she dabbed and I was like not another dabber