The Year We Completely Lost It {MCR,Frerard,Petekey} *slow updates*

The Year We Completely Lost It {MCR,Frerard,Petekey} *slow updates*

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*based off of  the I'm Not Okay video except much gayer with band trash* 

It's Gerard Way's senior year at Belleville Academy for him and his best friend Ray. After years of torment from his classmates, he can't wait for the year to be over.  But when the two boys witness the new kid, Frank Iero being teased and shoved for being an anti social punk-rocker, Gerard finally loses his cool and decides this year will be the year he finally gets revenge on his classmates. After befriending Frank and getting help from his brother Mikey and his energetic friend, Pete, Gerard reckons this will be a year no one will forget. 

{Revenge Era MCR,Frerard,Petekey,other band references, horrible puns}

*Honestly so many band references in the early chapters. Prepare yourself*

                              he h 
                              fellow commenter ships petekey 
                              but im TALKIN BOUT SM RIKEY MATE
Ali-San9539 Ali-San9539 Oct 09
I love the title you gave the story and how you wrote the description. It was perfect
Frank: *stands up from the back seat, intensely  playing the guitar*
Me, but i end up going for the "Bellatrix Lestrange-y gothic 40 year old" look
*grabs microphone*
                              WELL IF YOU WANTED HONESTY THAT'S ALL YOU HAD TO SAY!
there was a bloodstain in my closet on a house my family rented when i was younger, 
                              we named the ghost who lived there Chad