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The Prototype

The Prototype

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JaEdEn "Jaysa" DeRuLo ; ) By Jaysa777 Updated Sep 28, 2010

Aron Mercer was an everyday man, with a loving family, aspiring dreams and ambitions. Until... He became the ultimate weapon. Known to his engineers as experiment 1.0. But to the rest of the world as The Prototype. He is a Shape-Shifter. Mercer, consumed with hunger and vengance, with no memory or mercy, is focused on hunting down his way to the heart of the conspiracy, which created him, and make those responsible pay. This is his story.

ZaintfrancisAbion ZaintfrancisAbion Jun 16, 2013
i like the story of prototype its my favorite game
                              alex aron mercer
darkdestiny darkdestiny Aug 02, 2011
@funny_1 Ahyup, just changed it for the story :) Awesome, btw if u are wondering who the hell I am, Im kinda the co-writer. But since we arent writing about this anymore I think my postion as been revoked *cries silently, sniff sniff* hahaha
                              Thanks dude
StrawberryTint StrawberryTint Jul 15, 2011
hust to let you know its alex mercer not aron..........but i think u knew that.......?
                              but it was great i have the game on my xbox 360 :D 
Jaysa777 Jaysa777 Sep 30, 2010
@Forevermore Lol Tnx i guess!!!!!!
                              Ya, dark destiny will explain!!!!!!
darkdestiny darkdestiny Sep 30, 2010
@Forevermore i shall explain later! mind checking out my book The sight...ima check out urs now! =)
Forevermore Forevermore Sep 30, 2010
WOW. Good, but confusing....
                              I read the first Paragraph or so and was like... im confused as right now.. Read on!
                              But I still don't get it.
                              - Kaitlyn.