Anime Facts

Anime Facts

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And here we have a bored author who collects a whole bunch of random anime and Japan related facts. 

Spoilers, duh

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She literally turned one of them into a cow and another into ashes I'd call that more than just jealous
Lol XD this is kinda cool XD Explains the jealousy part, but the yandereness is still evident XD
GL_Alice GL_Alice May 01
Oh that's a big idea 😱
                              However I prefer HikaRuhi to the official couple :/ just dislike Tamaki
I wouldn't mind them together but like they changed it and she isn't the girl that likes the quiet strong type so... it's going to stay as Tamaki no Mouri, Tamaki
everyone is here is freaking out about is and I'm just sitting in the corner with my rare pairs
wow now that  makes sense why she kills every women near yukiteru