Nothing Wrong With Being a Tomboy

Nothing Wrong With Being a Tomboy

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Raquel By Dostomozartsky Completed

People say that love is in every corner... looks like Riley's been walking in circles. You see, Riley is a proud tomboy and she loves being one of the guys, but there is a problem: she likes Ayden, the campus Casanova. She knows he won't be interested in her and she accepts her defeat. After all, being a tomboy doesn't attracts a ladies' man. But what happens when Riley gets trapped with Ayden's best friend, Andrew, and things get complicated? Will Riley get entangled in love's tricks and games? Will she be able to resist love in where she least expects it? Or will she finally succeed in having Ayden interested in her?

 Their hearts will never be the same.

 "I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did."

[WARNING: Might have a serious illness of unprofessional grammar. Be kind enough to understand that this condition is normal for a book written by a teenager who wrote it at sixteen years of age. If you're not a certificated grammarian, don't dare to comment about the lack of healthy grammar and syntax this story has. It's obvious. I'm aware of it. Read at own risk. And I apologize for the long warning, but such things are quite entertaining to write. ]

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xxxibmary xxxibmary Apr 09
Lmao I was European karate champion when i was 11 so like.. i can relate completely 😂😂😂
Doowizar Doowizar Nov 16, 2017
For some reason I'm thinking she's like 16 years old and she punching a 9 year old I'm dumb. 😂
Fatima_Cortes9106 Fatima_Cortes9106 Aug 02, 2017
OMG my little brothers name is Aydin not Ayden  bet the name are similar!! 😂😨😷
lmao my mom says that i need to put some make-up on ... id freaking like it i like my jeans shirt ponytail done oh and converse