Owned By Laito Sakamaki(A Diabolik Lover's Fan Fic)(LaitoxReader)

Owned By Laito Sakamaki(A Diabolik Lover's Fan Fic)(LaitoxReader)

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SoulEater_vampfan22 By SoulEater_vampfan22 Updated Nov 08, 2015

He owns you. You have no choice but to listen to what he tells you to or it's punishment that will only give him pleasure. Can you make it stop? Or can he change just for the feelings he feels for you in his heart?

Laito fans hope you enjoy. If you don't want to read this then don't
-_- If you do then go ahead don't let me stop you 

Enjoy once more :D

*knees her where the sun Don't shine*
                              *knocks him off*
                              Sorry but the only person allowed to punish me is reiji and that ain't you! SEE YA PERV 
                              *jumps out window*
He mentions punishment, he leaves, u sit there and cry in your room alone
Listening to the Ouran Highschool HostClub....
                              KISS KISS!PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!
BakaChan479 BakaChan479 Nov 21
Ima just...*grabs suitcase* take my shite and leave...*slowly scoots to window* sooo...have a good life and go fack yourself *runs out of window* FACK YOU REIJI
BakaChan479 BakaChan479 Nov 21
Me: *Throws a bottle of dyed red water at Laito* There, now drink the shite *Walks away*
TooEpicForUsernames TooEpicForUsernames Aug 20, 2015
I voted and then next thing I know, my vote disappeared. 
                              WHERE HAS MY VOTE GONE???