Together Forever

Together Forever

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hikari By hikari011 Updated Nov 17, 2017

The sequel of 'Ten Days with You'

A high school student has fallen to a Demon, a man full of sin and a King who rules Hell.
Likewise, the Demon has fallen for her, a mere human--which they believe are a weakling and their prey.
Together, they live in the same roof and a Promise , they vowed to keep Forever.

Read the story and see what is likely to happen to the two as they spend their days together--until their very end.

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Animelover0721POP Animelover0721POP May 17, 2017
I'm not even gonna let Mira out of her cage... In fact I'm going to climb into my hole and not come out until I'm done screaming. See you in like 50 years...
Nashi199 Nashi199 Dec 31, 2017
Is he going to make them remember by making them think that he is her boyfriend?
StarkCave StarkCave Jul 09, 2017
And Natsu? Well- we still don't know his opinion for he is unconscious xD
Kawaii_Kitsune Kawaii_Kitsune Oct 26, 2017
*Gets nosebleed*
                                             Died of Fangirlisom
lucy_dragneelll lucy_dragneelll Sep 19, 2017
Its ok loke theres always the right girl for u
                              *Winks at him*
                              *Points to Aries*
lucy_dragneelll lucy_dragneelll Sep 19, 2017
YAAAAAAAASSS THANK YOU NATSU now that is a big step right there keep going my awesome baka