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Daughter of Dragons

Daughter of Dragons

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Sally Slater By SallySlater Updated Aug 30, 2015

Dragons used to hunt the skies. Now they're the hunted.

In the kingdom of Blackthorne, every dragon wears a collar around their neck, a visual symbol of their oppression. Their magic and their dragon form have been taken from them, yet though they look like humans, they live like second-class citizens. Worse, the king has started ordering their arrest, and nobody knows what happens to the dragons after the king's men take them.

When her father is arrested, Wynne Pendragon decides to take action. She's going to bring her father home no matter what the cost--even if that means resorting to violence.

j0orge j0orge Feb 13, 2016
Well, I really hate that society, and don't understand why the hell dragons would let humans put those damn necklaces on them. But the story this far is great, really
pandorapaws pandorapaws Aug 23, 2016
Wow,genocide is what it sounds like,hitler too. I would storm the castle to get rid of the King and prince and queen and take rule over the kingdom,then bring the world back to natural  order
Dandirawr Dandirawr Apr 17, 2016
It's kind of refreshing that it's not a medieval tale. I'm very interested I. Seeing more of your world!
caseyb99999 caseyb99999 Feb 22, 2016
Really pedragon that's a good book series what's next Eragon and Shaphire
MatthewSenn MatthewSenn Nov 24, 2016
Golden leaf was a rare tobacco that only grew in parts of the heroine empire...
JaturontThanapura4 JaturontThanapura4 Sep 03, 2016
I love it! Please keep writing. I cant wait to read more of the story.