Mating Him

Mating Him

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In a world where power rules, pure-blood werewolf Clans are considered royalty.

A mating with a werewolf different from your Clan is deemed a law broken by the Elders and the mating itself is said to be cursed.

Passed down from generation to generation the unsaid rule of mating within your blood-bounds has been strengthened to its core and the werewolf Clans flourished.

But a dark force is moving to oppose this law. It breathes and it controls.

He is Demetrius. 

And he intends to twist the concept of mating forever.

kbsmity kbsmity Jun 04
STI means sexually transmitted infection so the word disease is a bit redundant
The only time I have ever seem Kathleen as a character name was when she was a slut. THANK YOU for putting my name in a positive light
I really like this book!!! I need a husband like that!! Do they sell them at Walmart??