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Nightmares (Solangelo)

Nightmares (Solangelo)

30.8K Reads 1.2K Votes 14 Part Story
FOOL! By Rosettaone Completed

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The gunshot rang through my ears, being at such close proximity was not a good thing. I could feel the warm liquid seeping into my clothing, and a sharp pain in my chest. 

I was afraid to open my eyes, for fear of the scene I would see. But eventually, pressure got the best of me, and I opened my eyes.

Laying directly over my chest was none other than the one that has stopped the bullet from going straight through my heart and killing me; the one thing that had kept me alive.


dancingkisa dancingkisa Oct 29, 2016
Sorry, but do you just have a problem with switching whole to while?
lol I just laughed. And then face-knifed. And now there's blood everywhere. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh well
Monsterfalls9 Monsterfalls9 Dec 26, 2016
I'm reading the books and every time an Aphrodite kid is in it, I think of this!
The_sunniest_angels The_sunniest_angels Oct 26, 2016
Hmmmm...I feel like I shouldn't read this because of feels but I don't seems good...I really wanna read it...IM GONNA READ IT
The_sunniest_angels The_sunniest_angels Oct 26, 2016
Okay that's kinda creepy as soon as I typed 'IM GONNA READ IT' I saw this and I was like, "you read my mind"
CrystalDiamondJewel5 CrystalDiamondJewel5 Dec 02, 2016
OMGs!!! Possibly the best Solangelo fic, looking at writing style and personalities!!! Loooove