Vampiric Roots (BxB)

Vampiric Roots (BxB)

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(Warnings Contains: BxB, Graphic Content, Sexual Situations, Mentions of rape, and Blood.)

Mendel Wildon knows that being a vampire in high school is a pain in the ass.

Sure, he has reliable concubines that know how to get his blood boiling when the time is right. But so does that blind kid, whose named after a freaking country. 

The thing that Mendel can't find out is why does he smell so familiar.

heathjan heathjan Aug 24
Lol. Seriously, couldn't have stopped at "Scott" but a cute name nonetheless
- - Oct 12
Lol I freaking love Heterochromia. Every time I mention it people are like 'wtf r u talking about' :(. Lol they dont know it means mis-matched eyes.
KathleenJMBassick KathleenJMBassick 2 days ago
I was expecting China, India, America or Rio, not Scotland 😂👍🏻🇬🇧<---this flag with no red is the Scottish flag!